20 Search Engines Aside from Google That You Should Know!

If you didn’t know that there are other search engines apart from Google then you need to read this, especially if you are looking for other great options.
For this article, we have collated a list of 20 other good search engines that are reliable and efficient to use, and will also give you a great user experience with lesser ads and more privacy.

  • Bing:

Bing is the second biggest search engine after Google. It is owned by Microsoft. In certain areas, it can even be argued that Bing outperforms Google. For example, it gives you points that you accumulate during searches which can be redeemable at Microsoft and Windows stores. It has a clean and easy-to-understand user interface and also offers an image search that can be filtered with different criteria and has a really good user experience with videos.

  • Yahoo:

Yahoo has a very good video search option that allows you to go through video content from sites like YouTube, and other video providers that provide videos on different topics.

  • DuckDuckGo:

A big advantage of this search engine is that it doesn’t collect any of your personal information. It is a perfect option for those who wish to keep their browsing activities private.

  • Ecosia:

For every search you make on Ecosia, trees get planted. Ecosia uses its surplus income to assist organizations that support nature conservation, to plant trees. So if you are passionate about nature and want to make a difference in the little way you can, use Ecosia. For every 45 searches made, one tree is planted.

  • Twitter:

Yes, you saw that right. Twitter is also a search engine, it is the best place to go for minute-by-minute updates on topics of your interest. If you know how to use the advanced search on Twitter, you would realize its usefulness as a real-time search engine.

  • Slideshare:

On Slideshare, you can search for pdfs and ebooks and documented slide show presentations. It is an excellent tool if you have business presentations to prepare for. It allows you to save and download all these to your computer.

  • Swisscows:

Swisscows, a family-friendly search engine, is unique because of its privacy attributes. It never stores, collects, or tracks users’ data and is a safe option to use. It can also be very accurate when giving answers to search queries.

  • Startpage:

Startpage is also another very good option if you want to make searches without the fear of a third party watching and tracking because it allows you to search without cookies and other forms of trackers. It offers a Chrome plugin so that you can keep using Google if you want to. It also includes a URL generator, HTTPS support, and proxy service, and it remembers your settings in a way that promotes privacy.

  • Keyhole:

What this search engine mainly does is allow you to search for keywords, hashtags, @mentions, and URLs, whenever you need this type of information for your blogs or social media. Keyhole allows you to track and improve your impact on social media.

  • OneSearch:

This privacy-focused search engine was launched in January 2020. It does not have cookie tracking or sharing of personal data. It also shows unbiased unfiltered results and encrypted search terms.

  • Scribd:

Scribd is a large social reading and publishing network that helps you to find original written content on the Web. It filters results by categories, length, type of file, date of upload, cost, and even language.

  • Flickr:

Flickr allows users to find photos, videos, screenshots, and illustrations on their platform through an advanced search screen. It also allows searches within creative common-licensed content.

  • Pinterest:

Pinterest allows you to search for anything of a visual nature, that is, pictures and videos of cars, clothes, houses, and so on. You can pin it to your favorites to view later, and for other Pinterest users to view whenever they view your account.

  • Wikimedia:

You can search Wikimedia’s vast collection of files in its database for free videos, images, and sound bites. You can search by categories or use the search box.

  • Yandex:

It is majorly used by Russian users. Yandex is an easy-to-use search engine equipped with some very useful tools.

  • Search Encrypt:

It is a private search engine that uses local encryption which ensures that your searches remain private. Search Encrypt pulls its results from its network of search partners and presents the requested information. Your search terms are programmed to later expire on this search engine, therefore guaranteeing privacy from prying eyes in the future.

  • Gibiru:

Gibiru’s search results are obtained from a modified Google search results algorithm. The advantage of this is that users get the experience they can get on Google but without worrying about Google’s tracking activities on their privacy. Gibiru does not install tracking devices on your computer so this makes it faster than NSA search engines.

  • Wiki.com:

What this search engine does is that it pulls its results from thousands of wikis online.

  • Boardreader:

It is the best site to use if you’re looking for a forum for a particular subject because it queries its results from a wide variety of forums and message boards online. What makes this even better is that it is easy to navigate, you can get all the information you want with just a few keystrokes.

  • Brave:

Brave is a search engine and browser that boasts to be six times faster than Chrome. It offers a more private and independent option by focusing on blocking ads in the content you search for, blocking third parties from searching for your identity, and preventing malware.

Final Thoughts?
Google is the most popular search engine, but this does not make it the best answer to your needs out there. It is a very good search engine, but there is a vast variety of different and special search engines out there that may provide an even better user experience.
Whether you are looking for better options, or you just want to explore other search engines, there are many options available out there. All you have to do is just use these other options!

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