7 Digital Marketing Strategies That Must Be Incorporated in 2023

For businesses, change must be constant. All a business desires are positive changes every year, which is why proper preparation and planning must be made to achieve these changes. 


In previous years, the marketing trend has been unpredictable because of uncertainties and challenges that are being faced constantly. For this reason, businesses have to make sure to be properly equipped with all the best knowledge, skills, and tools to survive in this unpredictable and ever-changing world of marketing. 


What better time to act than at the start of a new year? In this blog’s edition, you will find seven digital marketing strategies that must be incorporated into your business, especially if you own a small business intending to grow massively in 2023! Now let’s get right into it.


  • Acquire Essential Automated Marketing Tools. 


The major advantage of automated marketing tools is that they make your workforce a lot easier and more efficient. They save you a lot of work and make handling several tasks at the same time possible. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is what automated marketing tools comprise, is starting to get popular among business owners, especially small businesses around the world. It is a general term used to describe special related technologies that can simulate human capabilities. 

The use of AI helps reduce the workload of businesses and allows the business to be able to track data that seems hard or impossible to track manually. 

The advantage of this is the availability of valuable information which will help in making great marketing decisions for the advancement of the company.


  • Adjust to the Constant Evolution of Search Engine Optimisation. 


In the beginning, the major focus of SEO was optimizing a website to rank high on Google. However, SEO is now much more than that alone. Other search engines are being used, e.g. Bing, plus content optimization for social media platforms is now in vogue. 

All these changes open up a bigger vault of opportunities for businesses, which is why businesses must adapt to the constant evolution of SEO. SEO strategies that should be implemented involve:

  • Constantly try out new search terms through AB Testing.
  • SEO optimization for different search engines, and not Google alone.
  • Work on diverse creativity by creating different content for different channels and social media platforms.


  1. Getting Customer Loyalty is Very Essential. 


Having loyal customers is the first cheat to successfully growing a business. Implement the following to turn your one-off customers into loyal customers:

  • Free services or products 
  • Discounts (loyalty and referral discounts)
  • Growing a relationship with your repeat customers through effective communication e.g newsletters, email marketing 
  • Remarketing or retargeting 
  • Social media campaigns
  • Learn your customers’ behaviors and purchasing journey by mapping out a marketing funnel.  This will help you understand them better and help you create marketing campaigns that will appeal to them the most.


Always show your customers how much you value them, it always works.


  • Become a Thought Leader. 


Thought leadership can take your business to the next level. Aim towards becoming a trusted and recognized authority within and outside your organization by following the steps below:

  • Find out your area of expertise
  • Establish your position as a field expert by sharing your ideas and insights online, and creating content around thought leadership online too.
  • Make use of tools to redefine your marketing approach and understand what your customers need. An example is a call analysis tool. You may also use tools that will help you understand how your clients respond to your content while on the customer journey.


  • Advertise Without Using Third-Party Cookies. 


Third-party tracking is being set to phase out in 2024, therefore, it is time for businesses to learn how to advertise without cookies. Instead, businesses should collect first-party data extracted from ad performance and market research. Learn to incorporate tools that only collect first-party data. 


  • Use Marketing Analytics Tools to Gather Data for Customer Retention. 


Data is the major tool used for customer retention and tailoring your marketing strategies toward customer acquisition. It is also impossible to determine your ROI and measure how effective your marketing strategies are without data. 

Marketing Analytics Tools will help you track important data and help you towards achieving a very effective marketing strategy.


  1. Start a Business Blog and Newsletters. 


Having a blog can help in nursing the relationship between your business and your customers. It can also pave the way for more email subscribers for newsletters. 

Make your blog posts relatable to your target audience for your business, answer questions they might have through the blog, and also subtly include call-to-actions for your readers. 

Businesses that have incorporated blogging in their marketing strategy have not only been able to reach out to a wider audience but also create a positive brand identity and awareness in their respective niches. 


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