9 Reasons Why WordPress is a Great Platform for SEO!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains the best way to build your position on search engine result pages organically and direct more traffic to your website. It is one of the best sources of online traffic. For this reason, many business owners are concerned about SEO, which is why questions on what the best Content Management System (CMS) for SEO arises.

Using WordPress puts your website ahead in the SEO game because it is far ahead of its competition. After all, WordPress works so well for SEO optimization. When deciding which website builder is the best platform, you must consider traffic. It would help if you thought about visibility, searchability, and which CMS would support this best. WordPress is the highest-ranked CMS and is the best answer to achieve this.

These days, everyone builds WordPress sites; small business owners who want to expand their niche, bloggers, fashion enthusiasts, online stores, etc. Because of this, WordPress powers about 42% of the websites on the internet. What are the reasons for WordPress’ acceptability and popularity? What makes WordPress so unique?

  • Attractive Permalinks:

Permalinks are the URLs on your site. WordPress makes editing your permalinks very easy on your dashboard; all you have to do is visit the settings and give it whatever format you want. It should look something like this by default: https://yoursite.com/?p=123.

Also, when you customize your permalinks, WordPress gives you the option of plugging your keyword into your permalink if you want to. You end up having a permalink with cute characters and the added advantage of being informative and helping you in your search ranking. After customizing, it could look like this instead: http://yoursite.com/%postname%/. It makes it easier for your visitors to figure out the title of your articles too from the link.

Besides keywords in the link, customizing your permalink can increase your post’s CTR (click-through rate) on search engines. When Google sees that you get fewer clicks than expected, Google will drop you into lower positions while the sites with a higher CTR get higher positions. Pretty permalinks will get you more visitors, especially from social media, than ugly permalinks would. So, customizing your permalinks is a great advantage of using WordPress.

  • Comes with SEO-Optimized Themes for Any Purpose:

One of the extra components of WordPress that can improve SEO for your site is its themes. Because of these themes, you can use SEO to build any website: a business website, an online store, or a portfolio website. You can use these themes for your goal, industry, or purpose.

Good themes will increase the professionalism of your website and make it look more appealing, thereby making visitors want to stay on your site. These are the signs that Google considers to influence your search rankings.

  • SEO-Optimized Images:

Images are important when ensuring that your site content is engaging, interesting, and captivating. They also supply search engine bots with important contextual information; about one-third of all Google searches happen on Google images.

On the other hand, SEO-optimized images can speed your page loading time, improve user experience and provide additional ranking opportunities. WordPress editor allows you to optimize your images with all tags, descriptions, etc. You can do this by going to the edit options of an image and filling in the ‘alternative text’ box. You can include a version of your keyword here to get the best result.

Another thing is you can edit the size of an image to improve the page speed; you can use a plugin for this step if you choose to. Many free options are available for you that can automatically optimize the size of many images.

  • Tons of SEO Plugins:

WordPress has loads of plugins available in addition to its themes and standard features. These plugins help improve the platform’s SEO capabilities; they improve certain parts of WordPress SEO and make the platform more effective. These plugins improve your images, as mentioned above, and incorporate your site with tools like Google Analytics.

  • Adding Metadata Automatically:

Metadata and SEO titles improve how search engines interpret your post, making them major ranking factors. Metadata helps search engine users understand what your page is all about. You need to add them to every post and page of your website while including targeted keywords in the metadata.

When you use WordPress, you can get a plugin that allows you to add metadata to your posts. There are a lot of free plugins available for this; all you need is to install and add them. Plugins like Yoast SEO will get the needed information from your content’s title and first sentences when you do not add the metadata manually.

  • User Friendly:

Because WordPress themes and plugins work to make the websites professional, user friendly, and attractive, visitors usually enjoy the experience they get on a WordPress site. You can keep visitors on your site more and make them interact with your content, thereby decreasing your overall site bounce rate.

WordPress provides you with many options to customize your site than any other competitor. It will help you get more page views, increase subscribers, high conversion rates, and an increase in session duration time.

  • Quick Loading Sites:

Google cares about how long it takes a site to load; the time it takes for sites to appear on screen is an important measure of quality. That is why site and page speed has been taken as a ranking signal, because the faster it is for a page to load, the easier it is for the search engine to crawl the entire website and index it appropriately.

Page speed is also important for user experience. Pages with shorter loading times have a lower bounce rate and more clicks. WordPress is equipped with amazing plugins that help with site speed, like ShortPixel Image Optimizer and WPOptimize. If you select a high-quality theme and use good hosting, a slow WordPress website should not be an issue.

  • Mobile Optimization:

Recently, a significant growing percentage of online searches have happened on mobile. A business owner who uses WordPress for their site has nothing to worry about, as most themes on WordPress are already optimized for mobile phones. You can check what your website looks like across different devices while customizing. If you want Google to rank you well while evaluating and ranking your site, you have to ensure that the mobile version of your site is the same quality as the regular desktop version. WordPress helps you ensure this easily with its reliable and available themes and plugins.

  • Integrating Social Media:

WordPress makes integrating your social media into your site easy. You can create customized social media buttons, making it easier for readers to share your content. Sharing the links to your content helps to increase brand visibility. The likes, comments, and shares that your posts receive on your site are signals to search engines when indexing and ranking your site.

You can also add a social media feed to your site and many other options to encourage your visitors to participate in your social media campaigns. WordPress has made a lot of plugins available to help you maximize your social media exposure to the fullest while increasing your website’s ranking.

WordPress and SEO

Using WordPress has a lot of benefits and almost no disadvantages. Its benefits are not just for the user but also your brand growth. With its easy-to-use features, this platform is perfect for businesses of any size. It is fast, mobile-friendly, and easy to learn. You don’t need to have any knowledge of coding to use WordPress. WordPress is your best bet if you aim to rank high on Google and other search engines. It has proven time and time again to be the best CMS for SEO.

If you have any concerns concerning using WordPress for your business, or you wish to schedule a consultation, click here to reach across to the Dik3n team.

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