How To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Website

Are you a business owner or blogger looking for ways to drive organic traffic to your website? Then this edition is for you!


We are not listing every tactic for driving traffic here, rather we would be looking at 7 tested and trusted foolproof ways of driving organic traffic to your website. 


Let’s get right into it: 


  1. Use content as a tool (company blog, appearing on podcast AND irresistible headlines, aesthetic/visual appeal).


You might think “been there, done that.”, however, what you need to pay attention to is that although the content and the suggestion of using content as a tool to generate organic traffic is everywhere, what is most important is how your content appeals to the audience. 


Content includes aesthetics/visuals by incorporating videos and images into your blog posts, templates, etc. also worthy of note, a catchy yet useful headline, and content that answers one of the many unasked questions of the user, would hold the attention of a user scrolling through his feed and therefore generate more clicks. 


  1. Strategic keywords. (SEO)


Keywords ensure a website’s visibility, especially to users on the search engine. The optimization method of infusing an entire article with a gazillion keywords just to make it visible on the search engine is now thankfully outdated. Instead, long-tail keywords are the new rave. 


Long-tail keywords are usually made up of three to four words, or a phrase, and have been proven by experts to improve organic traffic and rank for your website. 


The trick is to use them in strategic locations on your website such as the headline, the body, the file names of the media you would be adding, and finally, the meta description which is where the user gets an idea of the value they would be getting from clicking on your webpage.  


  1. Speed optimization 


Although a ranking factor, it is generally agreed that a slow-loading website is bound to have fewer visitors than a fast-loading one: there are hundreds of other websites with the answers to the query you have typed in your search bar. 


A slow-loading website would only cause the user to lose interest, cancel the operation, and move on in search of a faster website with the same answers. But a fast one, however, would attract more organic users as it would even rank high on the search results. 


  1. Social media share buttons


Share buttons are those icons, usually at the bottom of a webpage, that allows the user to directly share the link of the present page, to his/her social media. This provides easier access to the website and also better publicity for the website. 


  1. Social media promotion campaigns and webinars.


This is an effective way of pushing your website forward without necessarily having to pay for the advertisement. 


Promotion campaigns on social media may involve using hashtags, urging friends to share the link, flyers, and other media about your website, on their social media. This would generate some curiosity.  


This guarantees a wide audience and ultimately, potential visitors to your website, and clients for the services you have to offer. 


  1. Freebies for visitors


People love free stuff! One sure way to call attention to your website is by promising something free but useful to visitors. It could be a free ebook, or whatever else you have to offer. 


The point here is that slowly, as people get to know that your website includes a free feature, word would get around, and voila! More organic traffic!


  1. Closing keyword gaps


Keyword gaps are those search queries which your website is yet to rank for, and which your competitors are most likely already ranking for. 


It is advisable to do a keyword gap analysis (usually paid for) from time to time so you can easily point out those ideas you have missed and need to get up to date with. 




Driving organic traffic to your website requires patience and a devoted digital marketing team. This is why your business needs a digital marketing agency


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