Inbound Marketing: The Future Of E-Commerce in 2023

While there are a lot of strategies in digital marketing that companies adopt and apply to their brands, the ultimate goal of a Marketing strategy is to have a large reach to the desired audience while generating as little cost as possible. In this type of scenario, inbound marketing is one of the best options. 


While the concept of inbound marketing is not the most popular marketing strategy out there, it has been steadily gaining momentum and popularity among brands.


This post aims to educate and convince you why inbound marketing might be the best decision you may take regarding digital marketing strategies for your business in 2023. 


What is Inbound Marketing?


Inbound Marketing is a methodology whereby customers are attracted by tailoring and creating valuable and useful content and experiences fashioned for them. Inbound marketing gives solutions to problems customers have and forms connections they are looking for. 


It is one of the most efficient and effective tools for lead generation mainly done by creating educational and informative content like blog articles, videos, and so on. 


Always keep in mind to take advantage of Social media, SEO, and valuable content while taking advantage of inbound marketing. 


Another thing inbound marketing helps you achieve is helping and empowering your customers and prospective customers to reach their goals in any and every stage of their journey or experience with you. This way, you can build long-lasting relationships with your customers and increase their bond with your brand.


Strategies of Inbound Marketing 


This refers to how you can effectively market to your target audience in inbound marketing. These strategies are split into 3 broad categories: 


  1. Attracting Strategies: The strategies under this category are the ones tied to attracting your target audience. They are done through content creation and development. To attract your audience, show interest in their growth by making valuable content available to them through creating and publishing content like blog posts, videos, audio, social media posts, and content offers, that all provide valuable information about your goods and services, how your brand can solve their needs and details about any sales discount you might be having. 


Always optimize all this content with SEO strategies which will help expose your posts to the target audience by helping you rank higher on search engine result pages through keywords and long-tail keywords. Please read more about SEO here. 


To attract relevant customers to your content, always make use of a content strategy tool to heighten your authority in search engines and rank you higher to give you a better chance of appearing on the result pages of your prospective customers. Social media tools can also help you publish your content across all social media. Creating ads too is not a bad idea as it helps you increase your brand awareness. 


Tools for attracting your target audience are:

  • Ads
  • Videos 
  • Blogs
  • Social media 
  • Content strategy


  1. Engaging Strategies: These strategies are used to develop a good relationship with your customers in the long run. It involves engaging and communicating with them in such a way that customer loyalty and trust are built. Show them hospitality and make them know that you care. Ultimately, the best way to do this is through excellent customer service. Train your customer service representatives to handle inbound sales calls professionally. 


Train them to satisfy your customers by handing solutions to their needs instead pitching sales to them. Customers like to feel cared about by the brands they patronize. 


Tools you can use for engaging your customers to include:

  • Email marketing 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Lead management 
  • Lead flows
  • Conversational bots


  1. Delighting Strategies: These strategies are there to ensure that even after purchase customers are happy, satisfied, and supported with whatever they need. Having and heading a team that supports customers every time is the key to this. 


The use of chatbots, surveys, and social media listening can be very helpful strategies in making sure your customers are happy with your brand and service. 


Delighting strategies give you the means to constantly interact with your customers and target audience, respond to their queries and give them useful information at the point of their need. It will never go unnoticed as it gives the impression that your brand is always available to listen and care for your customers. 


What customers value most is a brand that not only gives them value for their money but also assists and supports them in every way. It cements their loyalty to your brand and even promotes referrals. 


Tools that can be used are:

  • Smart content
  • Email marketing 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Conversations inbox
  • Attribution reporting


Why Inbound Marketing is the Future Of E-Commerce 


Connect with your Target Audience.


Inbound marketing is centered around finding your target audience, reaching them, and keeping them as customers. After researching to determine your audience and the best ways to reach out to them, the next step would be to attract them. Attracting them is always through good content marketing on social media and blog posts, SEO strategies and sales campaigns, and discounts. Inbound marketing helps to build a positive connection with your target audience. 


Build Customer Loyalty and Trust.


Learn to always leverage customer loyalty and trust by always being available to give out valuable information to them. Build your brand voice to have enough social proof by regularly posting good content, reviews, and information about your products and services. This way, your brand becomes a go-to in your niche and your target and customers feel comfortable trusting you. Long-time customers will be reassured every time that your brand will always be able to satisfy their needs properly.


Builds Brand Identity.


Before embarking on the journey of Inbound Marketing, planning your every move is crucial. This way, you can set long-term goals that will still have a positive effect on your brand years later. For example, having a blog. Years later, your blog posts will still attract customers and will help you build an identity around your brand. It also helps to increase your chances of ranking organically on search engine result pages and improve your online presence generally. 

Use personalized approaches towards getting a larger audience and converting more leads, like email campaigns and amazing customer support.


Cost Effective ROI.


According to a study, inbound marketing strategies are 80% less expensive. This is because it includes several ongoing plans that are usually long-term and have very good long-term effects. It is strategic and involves planning like website design and development, content creation, and other plans that might seem financially draining at first, but will have amazing benefits in the future when examining your ROI (return on investment).




The effects of Inbound Marketing on your brand not only have immediate advantages but also in the long run, if planned and executed properly. 


For this reason, it is essential to have a great digital marketing team to help your brand efficiently plan your Inbound marketing strategies and carry out research professionally to better understand your target audience. 


At the Dik3n Team, you can always trust us to satisfy your marketing needs. We will carry out the best practices to ensure the positive growth of your brand both short-term and long-term. Please contact us right away here. 


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