Why You Need to Implement Google Ads in Your Online Advertising Campaign!

Bringing your business to the internet has been one of the biggest innovations for business owners in this 21st century. The ability to easily market your business to thousands of users simultaneously has made brand awareness way easier than it was traditionally, also boosting sales to levels that were thought to be impossible in the days before the advent of the internet.
Google Ads is one of the biggest platforms on the internet that has made this transformation possible. It is one of the most effective methods for online paid advertising; it allows businesses to reach everyone who uses Google to search for products, services, and businesses online. If you are an advertiser or business owner who wants to take advantage of the astronomical number of searches on Google daily to grow your business, signing up on Google Ads will be the best decision you can make to effect this change that you desire.
If you have a great website, great products and services to offer, and a team that is ready to serve, you are good to go! All you need is more website traffic and conversions, and then you will be floating among the stars. Google Ads provides a way for you to target your ideal audience, make your website visible to them, and with the right keywords, entice them to convert.

What is Google Ads?
Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is a pay-per-click platform that allows business owners and marketing professionals to advertise their brands, products, and services on the web. Not every company that ranks from first to the third position on search engine results pages (SERPs) got there due to good SEO, but most likely due to a good ad campaign on Google Ads.
Google ads allow companies to display advertisements to users who search for relevant keywords and terms on Google search and maps. You can recognize google ads on SERPs by the ‘Ad’ label beside the website’s link.

It is the largest SEM platform and is easily the most effective (read more about SEM here), being that the advertising platform is Google, where there are over 259 million unique visitors, over 5 billion search queries a day, and about 4.8 billion daily interactions. It is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your website and increase the odds of conversion rates.

Types of Google Ads

Search Network Campaign:
Google search network campaign allows marketers and brands to run text ads across Google; these text ads are shown to users searching for a particular item or product. For example, if a company or brand wants to place ads for hair care-related products, the campaign would target users searching for anything that might do with hair care products. This is where the importance of having a keyword list comes in.
Keywords are words and phrases that best describe your product or service; they help you filter where you want your ads to appear and when you want your ads to appear. You should select high-quality keywords so your ad can reach relevant customers that are actively searching for what you have to offer. Choosing poor-quality keywords will result in lower ad position, low return on investment, and higher campaign prices.
You can also include negative keywords in your ad campaign. Negative keywords let you exclude search items from your ad campaigns and help you focus on the keywords that matter the most to your customers. It also helps you filter keywords similar to your keywords but caters to customers searching for another thing entirely. When used strategically, negative keywords help your ads reach more interested customers ready to convert.
When using a search network campaign, your ad will appear on Google search and maps and other Google partners like YouTube and Google Shopping. Users can do searches using one of your keywords, and your ad appears to them on these platforms.

Display Network Campaign:
This campaign helps get your visual ads in front of people using products in Google Display Network and Google’s numerous website partners all over the web. Your ads will appear on third-party websites, at the top of a webpage, in the sidebar, and even on YouTube as a pre-roll before videos. It can also appear on the Gmail platform and in various mobile apps.
Visual ads in this campaign can appear in any format ranging from GIFs, videos, or static images. Because Google reaches over 90% of internet users, you can ensure that your ad reaches as many users as possible.

Shopping Campaign:
In shopping campaigns, products are promoted more visually to boost traffic. E-commerce businesses usually use it. Shopping campaigns provide more details than a text-based search ad in that it provides the product image, price title, and store name. The advantage of this is that the retailer can secure more leads quickly because customers know and understand what they are clicking.
For example, if you search for a product like washing machine, you will get results that show shopping campaigns of some brands like this below.

When you run a shopping campaign, Google will use your product data from your online store to determine where and how to show your ad.

Video Campaign:
It involves using videos to promote your brand on platforms like YouTube. It may seem similar to display ads, but Google offers the option of choosing video ads specifically instead of broad advertising on the Display Network. These ads can appear within a video on YouTube or in the form of skippable pre-rolls before you can watch your desired video. They can also appear after entering a search on YouTube or overlaying banners.

App Campaign:
App campaign helps your ad be displayed on Google’s search partners and many other publishers who display app ads. App campaigns streamline the ad process for you, making it easy to promote your apps across Google-owned platforms, e.g., Google Play, YouTube, Google Display Network, Discover on Google Search Ad Mob.

One thing to note is that you can use more than one of these types of Google Ads in your overall ad campaign. You also have the freedom to test and choose the one that works best for you while using the vastly useful amount of data Google Ads provides for you.

In next week’s article, the benefits of implementing Google Ads in your online marketing campaign will be explained further, to convince you more on why you should take this step for the growth of your business. Stay tuned!

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